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Excessive gas months after fundoplication surgery

I had laparscopic fundoplication surgery in 1996. It loosened and I had a 2nd, open nissen funduplication 4/16/08. I was in the hospital 10 days, liquids for 2 weeks, mushy diet for another 4 weeks and now eat small meals. A few months after this surgery I started having extreme amounts of flatulence. My doctor told me people with GERD swallow air and nothing can be done about it. However, I've had GERD for 30 years with no problems of flatulence, not after the 1st fundoplication, and not currently until about 3-4 months following the latest operation. I am able to burp, but do so only in small amounts and not very often. He said the gas would get better when the surgery loosened, but that would take years. Before the surgery (which undid and redid the previous surgery) he said the laparoscopy was not a good way to do the operation; he said open surgery was the best way and would last the rest of my life (I'm 62, my parents are 90; looking at 30 years?) If this surgery will also loosen, besides my major concern about the flatulence, I'm concerned the pre-surgery problems will return again.

Mornings are fairly clear of the problem with the gas worsening as the day goes on. At bedtime (10:00-12:00) it is very severe. I am told it goes on through the night, and upon awakening it is still a problem. I have tried not eating after 6:00, and ingesting only liquids after 6:00. I chew my food very carefully and thoroughly, eat small meals and am very careful what I eat. With my evening meal I take 3-4 Beano (before eating) and 3-4 Gas-X (after eating). I take 3 Gas-X at bedtime. Sometimes this helps, sometimes it does not. In an effort not to overdose on them, and since early in the day the gas is less, I usually do not take them with breakfast or lunch. These pills sometimes seem to help, sometimes not.

This is a huge problem. Please tell me there is a solution to this extremely significant problem. Thank you.
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Thank you for your response. I do not have any bloating or feeling of bloating or gas. I just have flatulence. Most times I have no warning and very little control because there is no feeling or hint that it is coming (or going!).  You have widened my thoughts beyond stomach and the surgery as the sole cause of this debilitating problem. I will check into malabsorbtion, celiac disease and irritable bowel but I'm not expecting any of those because I have no stomach/intestinal upset, no nausea, no pain, no pressure and there is no diarrhea.

If you think of anything else, or any explaination/description of what goes on in a stomach after fundoplication surgery, please do tell me. If you know of any source I could read about post-fundoplication, even text book(s), please let me know.

Thank you again.


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I cannot comment on the surgical issues, but there are further tests that can be considered for the gas.

An upper endoscopy can exclude inflammation or anatomical abnormalities that may lead to the feeling of increased bloating or gas.  Breath tests can be obtained to exclude bacterial overgrowth or lactose intolerance.  I would also consider stool tests to evaluate for malabsorption as well as celiac disease.

If the tests remain negative, irritable bowel syndrome can be considered - as this can lead to the feeling of increased bloating.

These options can be discussed with your personal physician.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin Pho, M.D.
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