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Divorce with absolutely no money,place to go!?

I'd love to get a divorce and leave my husband. But I have no car no money (none at all!) No place to go, no family no friends, my health isn't good at all, I can't walk to anywhere I'd need to get to. Noone I can talk to or ask a favor like a ride or to borrow $5.00 I mean how can I do this!?
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Oh, this makes my other post I left for you a bit nonhelpful.  Sorry.  I'd call a church and get a ride to their service.  And start branching out from there.  Can you do anything online work wise?  Do you have any neighbors?  
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I would say see if there are any local programs for helping women through situations like this maybe churches local organizations. Come up with a plan compile your resources perhaps get a job and slowly get the resources you need to leave
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