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Domestic Violence - OK? NEVER !

The thing with DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is that it the person you once loved more than life itself has turned into the monster that beats you and tries to kill you.  

  Yes, this is what happened to me the day after Christmas.  I wanted to talk to him, face to face, at least have some closure.  When he came here he was supposed to get here at noon but arrived at 8 am.  He was instantly mad about the paperwork he wanted.  Then he wanted the key to his motorcycle, but i had no idea which key it was, there;s like 60 lbs. of keys left over from our construction business that closed in 2009.  

  He beat me because I had his girlfriend's (my niece) furniture "antiques" and "she" wants them.  So, he beat on me some more and took my car, drove off and got her and she drove away in my car.  The police came and it took over an hour to get her to come back with it and she was escorted back by two police cars from 60 miles away.

  I left in an ambulance, the police "escorted" off the ranch but he came back and took my camera, my helmet, my leather jacket and $500 in cash.  The police report listed HIM as the victum and it was "mutual combatants".  How could it be mutual when he outweighes me by 100 + lbs. and is very strong.?

  I prayed to God that the pain of loosing him would go away and for a short period of time it did, especially while in the hospital being treated for a dislocated shoulder, 2 cracked ribs and a broken finger AND a heart attack.  Now my heart is truly broken.  The pain, it came back after a couple of days.  It was even worse because i could see that not only does he not love me anymore, he's IN HATE with me.  HE HATES ME SO MUCH HE WANTS ME DEAD.

  That another woman participated in that beating is deplorable, that he beat me is even more deplorable but now i live in fear of him returning.  He said he was coming back on Wednesday, and he would burn the house down with me in it.

  Life is strange and sometimes i wonder why i have to learn these lessons.  My daughter tells me to remember that God has a plan and we are part of that plan.

PREVENT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, follow the legal system to the letter.  if you don't it won't protect you.  Don't count on anyone else to step up either, when people see it all they want is not to be any part of it.

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Oh goodness.  This is so horrible!  I would contact a lawyer immediately.  I'd get a restraining order immediately as well.  I'd move any property that would be targets for him.  He does sound crazy and how the police could have sided with him in anyway, I don't know.  Change the locks RIGHT NOW.  Get a security system.  Talk to a lawyer.  This is unbelievable and I'm sorry you endured that.  
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Do you have another place to stay?  Obviously your soon to be ex is out for "blood" literally and has threatened your life.  

I would recommend getting somwhere safe and getting a restraining before he comes back and tries to make his threat a reality.  

Be careful.  

This is awful.  
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I do not know what to stay, that you are in my prayers and I wish you can some how come out of this a stronger women....Linda
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