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How can you live with alienating your children from their father ?

I left my ex-wife 5 years ago after a ten year struggle to try to make it work. I've just recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder so I now know that it certainly was not a bed of roses for her. I'm sure she was not surprised, I'd even say she might've been somewhat relieved. I left and lived with my brother for a further two years and traveling a 400 km journey every three week to go back and try to work it out.  After two years enough was enough. I joined with the most incredible woman who helped me get my diagnosis after recognizing the bipolar traits and also the  high functioning autism. Once my ex found out she set about alienating my three daughters from me. Throughout my 25 year marriage to this ex copper they were the only thing that made it worth while. Now they hate me and won't talk to me. My ex-wife controls any communication as I don't have any other way to contact them. I live with a broken heart and as wonderful and devoted my partner is there's a hole that I can't fill. Some good advice we would not go astray.
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Oh gosh, that's hard to read.  How old are they?  So, your ex is mad that you have started a relationship with a new woman?  If it were me, and this is your heartbreak, I'd make some changes. I'd move back to where they live.  You hopefully can afford to live on your own now and can get an apartment in the same city as they are.  Then, you have a better shot at their coming around.  I'd not live so far from them.  And then on a more natural level you can reconnect.  Maybe not today, but as they get older and are in a better position.  You also can then work with the court system if they are minors to get visitation in which your wife can't take away your rights.  When was the last time you saw them?  
Thanks for taking the time to respond. My daughter's are all over the age of 22 and unfortunately they are spread around Australia so having that closeness isn't a possibility. It's a shame but then mother has implanted a victim mentality on them so until they mature enough to realise this is wrong I'm just going to have to live with a broken heart
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