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Husband left while pregnant

im 9 weeks pregnant and I found out my husband been cheating on me since Nov 27 he was the breadwinner. I was the housewife and he carried my son on his taxes partially without my permission but i allowed him to cause i was expecting to still be with him and he was going to help me with the rent and everything... now i'm stuck out with no money or anything...i'm so devasted I don't know anything about divorcing what should i expect
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I am so sorry for what you are going thru. I went thru something similar when I was pregnant with my daughter 10 yrs ago. I was about 12 weeks along when my ex told me he didn't love me anymore and wanted a divorce. And of all times, it was on my birthday! He didn't want me to tell anyone though, he didn't want to look bad! He wanted to wait until the baby was born and I think he even thought he could make it look like my fault when we did get divorced. I was devastated to say the least I didn't tell anyone for a long while and just tried to pretend it wasn't happening. I stayed in the house with him and  tried to make things better so he'd want to stay with me. He then quit his job and I was the only one working, part-time. We ran through our savings pretty fast. I had my DD and I thought things were getting better. Then when she was 4 mo. old, I finally got the picture and left. He had been having an affair, more than one actually. I stayed with a good friend for a couple of days and then went home to my parents. I had no money and didn't know what I was going to do. I saved a little money and eventually fell into a wonderful apartment that was eligible for government assistance because I was a single mom. I ended up doing great on my own, better than with him. I only worked part time but I got some assistance for my apt. The divorce was awful, custody was a battle. I fought for full custody and won and he now pays child support (occasionally) and pays for her insurance (which he actually got from the government because he isn't very reliable with money). I ended up doing very well, saving money and buying my own house, no assistance any more! Now I'm married to a wonderful man and TTC again with someone who wants me and a baby with me.
It doesn't feel like it now, but it will be ok. There are government programs to help single mothers get back on their feet. He should pay support on any of his children and you can have him pay insurance too. You will have to find a job, but anything will do at first. If you have family or friends you can stay with to save money, that would be the first thing you should do. Get a good lawyer, and don't let him push you around or make you feel guilty for anything. You deserve support and 1/2 of anything you guys may have together. IN doesn't have spousal support but you should check into it in LA.
I know how hard this is, but it will be ok. Take one day at a time and look to family for support. Feel free to message me anytime if you need to talk. Take care.
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Well, you split everything 50/50 so find a good friend and put everything in their name so he can't touch it. Then, make sure you get that child support, you can even have a court ordered paternity test. Then, foodstamps and wic. I get 530 just for me and my 2 kids, and no offense, but I'm also white. And wic covers almost all the formula and baby food, plus you get milk cereal cheese eggs and beans/peas and bread. And I'm sorry your going thru this. Good luck.
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