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I called the police on my husband

My husband and I fight all the time, weve only been married a year, he started cursing at me early in the relationship and I followed and now im just like him. He has been in other similar relationships but this is my first.

He physically pushed me. I was going to forget about it but then he started msging me saying hes going to take me to court and get all my money, and hes going to take everything from me. He kept msging me so I called the police and told them that he pushed me and also wont leave me alone.

But later he msged and said sorry, and I know he always feels bad and I KNOW im just as bad as him, if not worse,but  i would never say anything like id take him to court, that hurt me more then him physically pushing me. He said he would buy the best divorce lawyers because his family has a lot of money. I know ive been mean lately so its my fault, I know what he did was wrong, pushing me.

I would never EVER lay my hands on another person. But I love him more then i love myself, now the police are coming to my house, i havent eating anything all day, ive been crying non stop, im so depressed, and the police are coming and i dont know what to do.

I have no one to turn to
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Hi there.  I think I answered on another forum as well regarding this abusive relationship.  I know it was bold to call the police but something inside of you knew you had to.  Perhaps you put into motion things that will be positive---  either A.  he'll be forced to deal with HIS problem of anger/violence/disrespect or B.  you'll leave him because he won't change.  

It should be one of those choices.  And I wouldn't give A too much time.  

We should pick a partner to be with for practical reasons as well as 'love'.  And a person who curses us out, pushes us, disrespects and hurts us is not a practical long term partner.  Be smart about your choice.  good luck hon
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