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I need support until I can find employment

I live in Ma. My husband of 23 years (we were together much longer than that) anyway, he up and left me. My question is does he have to support me financially? Before we were married I supported myself, after we had 4 children I was a stay at home mom. We moved into my mother's house and stayed with her for ten years and then she passed away. When that happened I put my inheritance up to purchase the home (appx 20,000) that was in 1997. Now, it's 2010 and we are losing the home, he moved out abruptly and I found out all the nominal bills (ie phone, electric) have not been paid. Also, he hasn't paid taxes in three years that I know of. Three years ago he broke the stove by using it to heat the home rather than pay for oil. I repeatedly told him not to do that but he continued until the thermostat blew and the oven and burners caught on fire. He never replaced it. He makes a good amount of money, at least $100,000 a year and has not been without work since we've been married.At this point the judge awarded me 405 per week for my daughter and 300 a month for me. My daughter will be moving out to go to college this fall and I can't live on 300 a month. Do I have any recourse or am I screwed?
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The best thing to do is contact your attorney and find out what your options are.
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At some point you will have to re invent yourself in the workplace. Unfortunately you are a casualty of the times. Being a stay at home mom and married for all those years left you dependent and soley at the mercy of others. It will be hard, but you have to think of something you are good at and capitalize on it. For instance if you like to clean, take up cleaning for people, dog sit, work for a caterer as a hostess. If you think outside the box, you can make this work. This is a hard place to be but you must rise above it, the only other option would be to take it back to court and ask for more alimony based on his income.
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You should be able to get alimony until you can finish some kind of educational program.  *should* being the word to pay attention to.  Fight for that . I am so sorry :(
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