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What happened to normal dating?

I have been divorced for about one year after a 13 year marriage and it seems like everything has just gone to heck! What is up with "NSA" (no strings attached) and CS (casual sex). It seems like more people are acting like it is the 60's with all this free love stuff with no moral values what so ever. Please let me know how some of you other divorced people are doing in this strange dating world.
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you have the right of it things have changed i am a senior now and married but when i dated there was no causual sex for me when i divorced i stuck with my same values no overnight stuff for me after 4 years i remarried, but i agree things have changed so much if i were younger i do not think i could handle the CS and things i really do not think i could change my ideas and do what some do today, it seems the world is changing but somwhere out there i think there is someone for you, i always hate to see a marriage break up, but sometime it does   luck  jo
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Om my goodness this is so scary to me. I am in the early stages of separation and divorce after being married for 22 years. I don't even know how to date anymore and the prospect of it scares the hell out of me to be perfectly honest.

I'm not into the bar scenes or anything like that and just wonder what the future holds for me? I sometimes think that perhaps I should stay alone and single and jumping into a new relationship quickly is the farthest thing from my mind.

Scared and apprehensive in Seattle.
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22 years is a long time is there no way to save this marriage if there is try, i do not think you will like things out in the single life, if you have to divorce go to church it will help, i had a bad time after my first husband left he liked other women, so i raised 3 children alone then later i remarried  luck jo
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Yes, dating can be hard, scary and very frustrating at any age and at any phase in your life. I've never been married and for myself, dating today hasn't changed a whole lot since I started, back in the 1970s. The main thing is to establish something of a friendship before becoming emotionally involved. And, if you're not into "free love," then set your boundaries early on in the relationship. For many, the absence of premarital intimacy would be a definite deal breaker; but that's not the case for all. You just have to keep looking until you find the right match.
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Let me tell u something nobody put a gun
to his head to make him do it stop always blaming
the other women he made a promise since when
did this world became perfect it's no excuses he
just *** nasty as her the knew this don't point fingers
like that let GOD do the judging the wife has the upper
hand anyways
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Old old old post.  Cheating is always wrong and those involved in it are wrong, male AND female.  But this is a post from years ago . . .  
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