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girlfriend facts keep coming out.. lies

so my girlfriend and i have been together for 7 months. she has all guy friends and she is very very attractive.. anywhere she goes guys throw themselves at her and she is very flirty with them.. even tho she just says shes being friendly and doesnt want to seem like a b*tch.. but also gives out her number to them when they say they can get her a job.. which is obviously bs cause they always contact her to hangout and somehow the job offer is off the table. she asked me how many people ive been with which to me is a normal question you ask someone you get involved with just to know their past and ho wthey were/are. i told her since ive only been with 5 people. her answer was 8. from hanging out with her and her friends (all guy friends whom i find out shes slept with most of as time goes on they slip up or shes does, and is friends with most of her exes still hangout etc) they spill out whose shes been with or slept with.. i can name 18 people.. when i ask her again she says she has to think of each individual person... and cannot think or remember a number. to me that is obsurd. everyone knows their number.. they may not remember the people but they always know the number....she doesnt.. and to her 10, 20, 30 people is the same thing theres not a big difference to her,  but shes sticking with 8 as her number and wont say any different... as time goes on more and more people tell me whose shes slept with, its getting insane. i never wouldve gotten involved if i knew she was sleeping with every guy she walked into or worked with or met. she refuses to work or accomplish anything. she is 26 is extremely lazy and depends on a guy to support her and her son. shes never been single and after a breakup will be dating anew guy within 2-3 days, and will admit shes dated way over 70 guys but somehow only slept with 8.. and has had numerous friends with benefit encounters.. need advice on what to do or say because right now i am lost with all this... she always get cold sores and will not admit they are herpes from one of the many guys she has dated.
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I am a bit lost with your post.

With all these doubts and with all the info you have about her why are you choosing to stick around?

It's only been 7 months.......why not get out NOW?

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It sounds like you want to prove something or win an argument, and that you think that if you do, somehow things will change.  You can't argue a flirty person out of being flirty.  You were attracted to her for her beauty and flirtatious nature yourself, and now she has to stop because you realize she has sometimes taken it to its logical conclusion?  It doesn't sound like you think she is cheating on you, it just sounds like you're bending yourself into a pretzel wondering who she might have slept with before you came along.  That is a waste of your time and emotional energy, unless you are a lover of high drama.  

Given that it all bothers you so much, why not walk away and be glad, because you dislike having a girlfriend who attracts so much attention?  Oh, yeah, you don't want to, because she is pretty and sexy.  Sorry, you can't have it both ways.  Find a quieter girl to fall in love with who does not have such a history.

Incidentally, for what it is worth, you seem to think you will win an important moral victory if you get her to admit the number is bigger than 8.  But, this thing you think so important, really isn't that important to everyone.  Maybe your girlfriend got bored with the question long ago (or tired of being judged over it) and just settled on saying 8.  Regarding you feeling threatened by the possible number (or more pertinent, thinking it means something about how she might behave in the future), I think you really need out of the relationship because it matters to you that much.

In the meantime, be ultra careful not to have unprotected sex.  The last thing it sounds like you need from this girl is a baby.
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She is trouble. So leave her and be done with it. However, you are not going to leave her, So deal with it.  Just have fun with her and don't take the relationship too serious.  She will break your heart at the end if you are not careful.
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I think when you describe her as lazy, needing men to support her and her child, going from relationship to relationship to do that and lying . . .   not really sure what is worth sticking around for.  She must be really hot.  LOL  

Move on and save yourself the heartache.  good luck
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