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Breaking up after 13 years

I m 28 years old and my girlfriend just dumped me after 13 years of relationship and in a month got engaged to someone else ....I m Soo shattered that I think I will not be able to move on ever...I can't stop thinking about her nd her fiancee all the time.
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I know this is horrible for you.
Do not open doors that has been closed infront of you.
Time will heal.. And time will tell.
This world is full of beautiful people beautiful places and beautiful moments for you to create.
Let me know how are you doing now. Old post i know!
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Nice post Geminiii.  :>)))
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That's really hard.  13 years is a long time and that she instantly was engaged, I'm sure it makes you wonder if she had been cheating.  Nothing but time heals these things.  Do you have people in your life for support?
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