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Dizzy, tension, tingling back of head

I suffer from severe panic attacks. I've had mild of ones for a few years since I had my children but the past 6 months have been very bad. I am now on lexapro to help control them. I thought they were under control however the past week they have been coming back. Now the past 4 days I've been experiencing something new, I've been dizzy or light headed accompanied by a strange feeling in the back of my head. It's feels tight with a tingling sensation. It's almost hard to explain. The dizziness is not all day but when I have it it makes me very nervous which then makes me notice it more. The problem is my insurance ended oct. 1st and our new policy doesn't start till November.1st so I don't want to go to the doctor if this is just my anxiety causing this. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions? Thanks so much
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