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Dizzy headache

Hi everyone. Just wanted to post My situation in case it can help someone else out there. I have suffered from headaches my entire life. I finally started an antidepressant at age 20 and it helped me to have a better quality of life with less pain  although I still always have a slight headache .  Clinical depression does not necessarily mean that you are sad or unhappy. In my case, I was depressed because I was in pain, not the other way around.  Some of us just have a chemical imbalance   And have to be on medication  .Two months ago I was working  and all of the sudden I got the worst headache I could imagine with confusion and dizziness. I went to the urgent care where they did multiple blood tests. Over the next month I had MRIs blood tests and so many doctors appointments. They did find I had a hernited disc in C5/C6 but after the epidural I only had minimal relief.  After missing two months of work and still being extremely dizzy, we decided to change my antidepressant because they can stop working after time. Within days I was feeling back to normal. This may not be everyone situation but thought I would shed some light because I was so miserable all I wanted to do was die.  Don't give up.  If all else fails I highly recommend trying an antidepressant. You may have to go through a few before you find one that works for you. Cymbalta is great because it works on depression anxiety and chronic pain.
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