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10 month old bulldog being sick !

Hi everyone , I've got a 10 month old bulldog and yesterday night we gave him a lamb bone to chew on ! 4 hours later I mixed his regular biscuits with some tinned fish.. (which he's used to) later on tonight he's been sick 5 times within 6 hours. Hes still drinking well and the sick is just his biscuits. Can anyone tell me if this is normal for his breed ???
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I don't think vomiting is breed-specific!
Vomiting once or twice to clear his stomach would be pretty normal. Vomiting 5 times in 6 hours is a little more worrying.

You say he's still drinking? It could be that he's got into a drink/vomit/drink cycle, which can sometimes happen to dogs. Yes a lot of vomiting can leave them dehydrated, but if they guzzle water it is likely to come back up.
Water with a little honey or Maple syrup dissolved in it, would be better, but only let him take a few laps at it at a time, then take it away, and do that every 30 minutes or so. See if "sips" of fluids stay down that way.
If not, or he starts to look off in any way, he needs to go to the vet.
It could be that the lamb bone was a little fatty for him. Some dogs are highly prone to pancreatitis from any fatty food. That is a serious condition which needs immediate attention. Not all vomiting dogs are that seriously ill....but keep a close eye on him and get him to the vet if he's sick again.
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