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3 years old male dachshund stopped eating

Hi. I have a male dachshund, Loki. He is 3 years old. He has no problems eating until 5 days ago.
Loki will usually eat whatever is served in his dog bowl. We only feed him dry dog food. Sometimes, as a treat I give him peeled and diced carrots, banana or apples (without the core or seed). Just a few pieces. I feed him once in the morning and once in the evening, usually 7-8am/pm. I always have his water bowl full of clean water. Just 5 days ago, he does not want to eat his food. I saw him vomit once or twice whatever dog food was left in his stomach on the first day I noticed he wasn't eating. I tried to give him little food in his bowl, left it there just so if he gets hungry he can eat anytime but he did not touch it. The next few days I bought him another brand because I thought he may just be tired of the other but he still didn't eat and his poop is a little wet (not diarrhea but with little mucus). The next day I bought the dog food that he usually really likes (3rd brand) he ate a little then did not finish it. His poop is still the same although so little since he hasn't taken any food for 5 days.
He is not so playful either but will be active when he wants to catch an insect. Although, he will be active when he sensed people near the door/gate and barks as loud as usual. When I sat on the stairs, he will sit beside me. He is not the normal active but not too lethargic as well.
He naps more than usual. He stayed under the stairs for 3 days to sleep. He usually sleeps on the stairs not under it. He drinks his water like before. He drinks plenty usually.
Please help me because my husband is not home and I am alone with Loki and unfortunately I am not able to carry him to the vet until saturday. Thank you for giving your inputs.
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I wonder if the apples have upset  him . Dogs cant digest fruit and veg. Try to give a bit of meat with the dryed. If you feed dogs soley on dried it can be hard for them to digest. My dogs are fed on bakers with bucthers tinned mixed in . The little one has  1 mug of bakers per day with half a tin of butchers 15oz can. The bigger has 2mugs of bakers with one 15 oz can . You could also try to give your dog rice and chicken or rice and white fish. Or instead of the rice a baked potato with out the skin.with the chicken or fish. another good one is scambled egg when your dog has a upset tummy. If you give a a bland gentle diet for a few days it should clear up. It has allways worked for my two.
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Hi Scarlet, I have been reading your post and personally the first thing I think you should do is contact the vet, you say you can't get him there, but can you ring or email them?  Your dogs behavior is out of character and the fact he has gone of his food is obviously not good!!

I would starve him for 24 hours and give him plenty of water, then give him some boiled chicken or fish with brown rice for a couple of days after that.  It sounds as if he has eaten something that has disagreed with him - although I doubt it was anything you gave him - apples and carrots are fine to give to dogs. It could be he has a blockage - you need to seek professional advice immediately!!

A bland diet after 24 hours of food withdrawal is all you can do until you get him to the vet.  That might even do the trick!!

Good luck.
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Morning & I apologize for the delay.....Your dog cannot go any longer without food!  I don't feel that he can wait till Friday.....I'm hoping that you have seen a Vet by now....

The Number 1 reason dogs quit eating is that they are in Pain...My first thought is Pancreatitis......However, without food this long would have given the Pancreas enough time to rest.....Untreated Pancreatitis can be Fatal without treatment....

Next thought: Your doxie his the Number 1 breed to injure their backs.....It's called IVDD (Intervertabral Disc Disease)....You may want to google the symptoms.......If you feel that it's his back, your Vet will give pain meds & Anti-Inflammatories.....COMPLETE cage rest for at least 4 weeks is a must & will allow the disc to heal.....This is a very painful condition & is also common....Without treatment, there is a high risk of your dog becoming paralyzed......Then it becomes an Emergency!

Next, Your food: You must get him something to eat.....Dogs should NOT live on dry food, alone.....Have you tried to cook anything for him? Boil some chicken W/ cooked sweet potatoes......Mix it all together and offer it.....You can offer cooked oatmeal or rice, but sweet potato IMO works the best.....If you are feeding an inferior brand of dog food (From a grocery store or discount center), then it's possible that the food is making him sick! There are many recalls on foods lately & you need to be aware of which brands are making dogs sick and/or killing them.....Treats can be a culprit, too.....Has he been eating treats before this all happened? What foods are you trying to feed him?

In the mean time & this is Vital, get to a petstore or over to your Vet & pick up a tube of Nutrical Supplement.....This will be a paste or jell sold in a tube....It's a High calorie supplement made to use in just your situation.....The instructions will be on the product.....Your dog desperately needs this supplement in order to survive till your Vet can figure it out.....You will place the paste in the roof of his mouth...As he licks it, it will provide the necessary nutrition until he starts eating again...The dose & instructions will be included.....You MUST do this today!

If he is drinking, great...If not, you need to get some Children's Pedilyte from the grocery store......You will have to syringe it in his mouth every 3-4 hours until you can see your Vet......This will keep him hydrated...Dehydration alone, can become fatal...

Please, come back & let us know how he's doing.....You don't want to waste much more time if he has not improved by now......I'll be thinking about your Loki....Karla

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I agree with you on feeding dogs on  just dry food alone and really cheap brands. My vets says that buying the really cheap dog food is a waist of time. My two are fed on bakers or pegrieee chum dried and butchers tinned. They do very well on it. Both are the ideal weight and are very healthy.
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Scarlet, Did Loki see the Vet today? I've been waiting and wondering....Please, come back and let us know how he's doing.....Thanks, Karla
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Hi Misfits4Me,

I am so sorry for this very late reply.
I brought my doxie last Friday. The vet said that he has no physical problems or any health related concerns. What happened as she explained was that my doxie had a short lapse of depression.
I have 2 doxies, Loki's a male and I have a female too. My female is not in heat now. The vet asked if Loki was always trying to hump the female. I said that he is always trying to everytime they play. So since he has no physical problems, the doctor said that he might have had the depression due to this. Starting Tuesday I stayed with Loki the whole day until Friday. I noticed when I stayed with him longer he ate little by little...I still took him to the vet last Friday just to make sure. But his appetite already picked up around Wednesday.
So I guess, as the doctor said he was sort of sad. My attention and presence helped perked him up.

Thanks so much for your concern. I appreciate it! =)
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Thanks! I took note of all the preparations I can give him. =)
Will try them out soon!
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Thank you so much! I asked the vet about his diet and she said I can add your suggestions and the others' suggestions here as well. Appreciate your reply.
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