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8 yr old lab throwing up drinking lots of water

I have 4 dogs. One of my labs is 8 and has been throwing up for about 3 days now. Shes drinking lots of water, tries to eat food, but throws up everything. Shes getting very sluggish and just looks so sad. Todays sunday. I plan on taking her to the vet monday but am curious what could be causing her symptoms. She did get a pork chop bone out of the garbage the other day too. Don't know if that could have anything to do with it or not. Thanks for your help!
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I read your post, symptoms do not sound good, make sure your very vet does a series of blood work, especially checking for kidney failure.  I hope it is the bone, but symtoms scare me.  Let us know what the vet said.  We Care.  Aggieone
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You are right to worry.  Any time a dog can't keep down water, you generally have a big problem.  If you call your regular vet's number, he "should" have an outgoing message referring you to an emergency facility or on-call vet.  Don't wait.  Make the call!
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Do not wait until tomorrow.  Call the main office # for your vet.  There are usually emergency instructions on the answering machine.  

Hope everything works out.  
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My heart goes out to you but you've got to get your girl to the vets. There must be one open today, somewhere. Your vet should have an emergency number for you to call - it will be on the answering message and on the front door of the clinic. I wish you the best.
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Just saw this post, sorry to hear that your Lab is feeling poorly.  Are there any emergency vets nearby?  Realizing that it's a Sunday and this might not be possible, I think that's a long time for any living creature to be vomiting without relief.  If the bone is part of this, you really want this tended to soon.  Good luck and keep us posted!
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