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9 year old Chihuahua neutered male heavy panting, stiff front legs.

Jon has had several episodes like this over the last three years.  He starts panting.  Then his front legs stiffen.  His eyes bulge.  Temperature is always normal.  Been to emergency vet twice.  Blood panels always normal.  No pain found.  Xrays have been normal.  These episodes usually last a few hours.  No food changes.  He has access to kibble all day and clean water.  He has a dog door out to a bare dirt yard.  These episodes always start when he comes in from outside and is a little excited.  Petit Mal Seizures?  any advice?
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I'm sorry this is happening to your baby!   So strange and confusing.  Dogs baffle me sometimes!  So, this follows a pattern.  I'd look for a further pattern . . . happens after a long time when he is outside, happens when he is digging in the left corner, or whatever.  Kind of be watchful of his/her actions outside.  

A seizure could have rigidity but there are a lot more common things that happen.  

Could your dog's blood sugar go low?  That can cause rigidity and eye glassiness and changes?
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