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A Mal-Shi mix dog as a service dog

Hello.....I will be getting a Mal-Shi mix puppy on 8/23. She will be 8 weeks old. I have named her CoCo Layne!! I am EXTREMELY excited!! My beloved Bichon Frise Skittles Marie passed away on 11/12/18 at 13 y/o and I thought I'd never be able to open my heart & myself up again after she passed away.

I have several medical issues and I am looking to make CoCo my service dog. And I was wondering if anyone has/had any experience with Mal-Shi dogs being service dogs. I have been researching the Mal-Shi mix & I read that they would make great therapy dogs, and that they will excell in obedience training (which is part of service dog training).

I would really appreciate any info/input anyone has.
Thanks in advance!

CoCo's Mama
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Hi there!  Wanted to come back and get an update on your future service dog!!   Is she about to come home???   I want to see new pics! :>) hugs
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Ahhhh, I love it!  Coco Layne. I love love love waiting for new puppies to be ready to go home.  Are they sending pictures every week or so on her growth?  Please post one on your profile page, I want to see!  :>))))  The only problem with making your dog a service dog is that she/he will no longer be a pet.  Does that make sense?  Service dogs are doing a job and are treated differently and are not classified as a pet anymore.  All the snuggle wuggle love things we do with our pets aren't what you do with a service dog.  You can still snuggle with them but they make a big deal out of "please don't pet the service animal" to others, etc.  But if this is what you'd like, training is key.  Are you wanting to put your dog into training or provide it yourself.  Command training is really important.  And it would be good to have a professional assess the temperament of your new pup to see if he/she is service dog material.  :>))  All dogs, even in the same breed are different.

My dog came to me as a little puppy.  Already with some problems.  She is terrified of other dogs and men.  And has fear aggression. She'd not be a great service dog BUT she is the best pet in our house.  Love her love her love her!  Your new dog may be perfect in the role of service dog.  Or may not be.  Worth a shot!  

I found this article on the topic. https://www.thesprucepets.com/therapy-dog-training-2804907

One thing I learned the hard way is about socialization.  We got our pup in the dead of winter during a bitter one.  She came to us skittish.  But I really wasn't thinking about all facets. She is by far the best potty trained dog I've ever had.  She goes out by nudging a hanging bell on the door and was fully, I kid you not, potty trained by 9 weeks. It was cold so we'd go straight outside and back in.  Didn't do a lot of walking.  She was not well socialized with other dogs and to this day it is not a good scene when she sees them.  I have two sons who were young at the time.  What does my dog love?  All things boy.  She sits in the middle of fierce nerf gun fights with bullets flying, kids running with full speed in the house, the loudness of a group of boys like it is nothing. She sees a 5 pound dog and she has a heart attack.  She will greet any boy who is my sons ages now (our household guests grew in age as my kids did, ha) or younger and most female children happily.  If you are an adult male (or wearing a hat), forget about it.  She'll try to take your hand off.  MY bad, I didn't really realize about the socialization thing and exposing them to different people, animals and situations.  I guess it happened organically with my previous two dogs. They were very socialized with dogs and people and quite friendly.  

Anyway, is your dog black and white?
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Thanks so much for your reply. After MUCH consideration....I think making her my emotional support animal is best for the both of us. I *NEED* her to love me & to snuggle me. So an ESA is the best route.....I think.

And we are doing obedience training almost immediately after we bring her home. I have already called around & talked to places & picked the place I want to use. They suggested that I call & make an appointment for a week after she gets home. And that week, CoCo & I bond during that week before she starts obedience training.

And she is brown & white. I am getting pics every so often. I have pics from the day we met her (at 2 weeks old) & then 10 days later. I am so FREAKING excited to get her!!

I am getting pics. I have some pics from the day we met her (at 2 weeks old) & then just the other day, at 4 weeks old. I will go post them on my profile so you can see them!!

Thanks so much again!
I just went and looked at her pictures, I'm officially in love.  Darling puppy!! For real.  I'm sure you are so excited you can't stand it!!  :>))))  Making her an ESA sounds good but I do not think that there is any way that your pup isn't going to adore, love and snuggle you like crazy. Dogs are lovers of those who love them.  And you clearly already love her.  

I'm excited for you!  Hopefully the person you are getting her from is socializing her and starting the training a little bit.  My dog came to me a total mess. Fleas, sick, etc.  Sad.  But lots of puppy breeders are so much better.  I have a friend who got her 8 week old puppy almost completely potty trained!  Wouldn't that be nice!  Look into the bells for your door.  I love it.  She faithfully rings the bell to get my attention to this day when my dog needs to go out.  
you are too kind!! I already have bells hanging on my door, as we speak. I ADORE her already!!! I am counting down the days!!
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