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I've been watching what I eat but, from time to time, I go out for a few drinks.  Assuming I use either no mixer or a non-caloric mixer (e.g., diet cola), does it make a difference what liquor I drink (vodka, scotch, rum, scotch, etc.)?  A bartender I know says that drinking vodka is better than scotch or rum because of their sugar content.  But I know that none of those liquors have any carbohydrates, so I'm confused.  Can anyone help?
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Do you realize that you posted in the dog forum?
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Hi there!  You've reached the Dogs Community and I think you were looking for a different forum.  If you're looking for the caloric content of various alcoholic beverages, you might try one of the diet related forums here at Med Help.  From my own experience, alcohol isn't a good idea if you're trying to lose weight or you're diabetic.  It gets metabolized to sugar in a heartbeat.  :-)
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