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Blood coming out of my dog boobs

I have a 10 month old puppy and she is a mixed breed. She has blood coming out of her boobs. I took her to the vet and a swab did not show any signs of bacteria, she is on prolactin for dogs and on antibiotics for a week now. Her condition is not improving. Her boobs are still blueish and are discharging blood. Vets are baffled and they say that they have never seen anything like this before.
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Please take her for a second opinion if the vet has no solution.
Have they run all her bloodwork? Did they find any abnormalities with her clotting factor? This does not seem like a straightforward hormonal reaction, but I might be wrong.
She needs a full work-up with some lateral thinking on the part of the vet.
Thank you, I will do just that. They did run just a regular blood work, no signs of infection, white blood cells are normal as well as the swab. No bacteria what so ever.
No signs of infection or any abnormality with white blood cells....how is her platelet count?
So my next thought is to ask the vet to check concerning other disorders which may cause subcutaneous bleeding:
*Immune-mediated thrombocytopenia
*Infectious thrombocytopenia
*Von Willebrand's disease which affects the clotting protein known as Von Willebrand's factor

There is also another issue called "Estrogen toxicity" but that would normally show signs in the blood of a low red/white blood cell and/or platelet count

She's not on any drug or medicine is she -that might cause clotting abnormalities as a side effect? Or been exposed to any toxins?
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