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CHRONIC misearble ear infections

I am heart broken over my dogs chronic ear infections.  There has GOT to be something better that I can do to help her.  She is absolutely miserable.  We've done venison, bison, poultry, fish diets.  I won't feed her anything beef because she's definitely allergic.  We've given her prednisone, kentaconazole, used the antiseborrheic and cleansing solution, Surolan, Mometamax & Posatex.  NOTHING works.  My poor dog is miserable and I am in tears watching her go through this.  I feel like she'd be better if I put her down but she is the best dog ever and I love her and it would break Abby's, my & my family's heart.  Someone PLEASE help :-(  Only ONE of her ears is effected.  I don't get it.  She's a yellow lab...I would almost call her albino because her skin/nose is pink.  
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I found this link and I think it could be helpful for you.  Blessings, and let us know! - Blu
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Dogs with floppy ears tend to have issues with ear infections than dogs with erect ears. Cleaning on a daily basis (I know it is a PITA) can help.

Have you tried adding brewer's yeast and yoghurt to the diet?
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my poodle has the same problem. after several medications from the vet.
I did my own research and found a product (ZYMOX-OTIC HC 1.0%
Enzymatic  Solution) you can get it on Amazon. I also put him on a grain free diet. If you buy this solution get 2 bottles because you will have to apply it every day for 2 weeks.
p.s. helpful hint-warm the solution up to your body temp. like in a pocket or
some place next to your skin (bra) for about 1/2 hour, it helps stops all that ear shaking.    hope this helps
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