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Cancer diagnosis Herbal Support?

My dog Misty (age 14, spayed, but very very happy fit, and very active) recently had a mammary tumor removed. I got the lab. report on this tumor today. The cells were part benign, and part malignant. 2 types of malignancy present. I was not told which specific forms, just that there were two types.
The vet got good margins in excision, & superficial examination of  inguinal lymph nodes ( position of the tumor on  lower mammary gland) showed no irregularity or enlargement.
Bloodwork good, no irregular liver values, no other signs of illness.

The vet doesn't recommend any further "just-in-case" treatment. it's a wait & see situation, as to whether the cancer did have time to spread.

Tumor 1st noticed 4 years ago.  Fine-needle aspirated, results benign. I decided not to have it removed. It never grew much, left in situ. Last 6 months started growing, had it removed.  Did it have time to spread? We can't tell.

Is there a herbal combination to help support her immune system, hopefully stave off any possible secondary growth? Or any other supplements or immune-support natural meds?
I would find Western Herbal medicine easier to obtain, am familiar with some of the remedies, though a little wary of what is safe for dogs, dosage etc.
I have started putting a 1/2 teaspoon of CLEAVERS in her food. They grow wild where I live, I know they are safe for dogs. ECHINACEA is good for immune support, but am wary of giving her that every day. Don't know if I should use Echinacea regularly as a supplement?

Is there anything at all which you could suggest to help and support her immune system, and whole system, keeping her as strong as possible?

(diagnosed with early-stage Kidney Failure last October, is on Royal Canin Renal diet, dry & canned  (& extras, egg, chicken breast, white fish, carrot or green beans) & Benazecare 5mg per day, for her kidneys. Last blood results renal values GOOD.  Creatinine & BUN down to normal.)

Thank you for any advice.
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Your dog sounds remarkable for her age despite mammary cancer and mild kidney disease!  Much of the holistic treatments depend on the type of cancer which you did not list.  I would recommend chest and abdominal X-Rays and abdominal ultrasound to rule out obvious metastasis.  If these have already been performed and were clear of metastasis than a immune stimulation/cancer preventative would be the most valuable for your dog.  I do use Western and Eastern herbal combinations to supplement each other, and I will list sources for purchase.  I am also listing supplements that are valuable for kidney function since many medications and supplements must pass through the kidneys.  Therefore an optimal kidney function is optimal for complete effectiveness. (If your dog had liver or stomach issues I would list supplement for these as well).  I am glad that Misty's kidney blood levels are now within normal range, but as you may already know elevated kidney blood levels only become apparent after 75% of the kidney has been compromised, therefore a bit of help for the kidney won't hurt.

For Kidney function:
1.  Rehmannia 8, or, Eight Flavor Rehmannia (Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan,).  This is a commonly available online.  Amazon.com has several sources.  Plum Flower Brand is a respected one and the ingredients are safe.
2. Rx Renal Canine by Rx Vitamins (available by prescription online)

General Holistic Cancer Treatments:
1. Hoxsey Formula (over the counter versions available online are called Hoxsey-Like Formula).
2. Essiac Tea also known as: Petsiac.  This is available online.
3. Poly MVA (available online, www.polymva.com)
4. Stasis Breaker, 5. Wei Qi Booster and 6. Max's Formula.  These three are all available from the Jing Tang Herbal Company and usually require a  prescription from you veterinarian, but they are worth it.

I know that many of these formula are available by prescription but they are certainly worth it.  All companies mail their products internationally.

I would discontinue the Echinacea.  The Cleavers can be continued as long as she enjoys the taste.

The doses of all the supplements are by weight.  You did not list your dog's weight but generally a large dog weighing over 50 pounds can have a full human dose (if it is a human product, such as Hoxsey Formula or Rehmannia 8).  Dogs weighing 25 to 50 pounds would get 1/2 dose, and 25 pounds or less would get 1/4 dose.  Frequency is almost always twice daily for the majority of the products.

Jing Tang Herbal Products are one capsule per 10 pounds body weight usually, twice daily.  The other products are labeled with dosages also according to weight.

I can give you more specific recommendations if you can please post again with the type of cancer listed, and please post again with questions.  If you have difficulty finding any of the products that I have listed please email me at my office which is listed on my home page or at: ***@****
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I meant to add, and forgot....
Not just Herbal Immune Support...but also any supplements (vitamin, mineral, and anything else) which would be suitable to give her, and would be safe with her sensitive kidneys, and her medication (Benazecare)
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Thank you Dr Cheng. This is great information.
I am taking her back to the vet Monday afternoon. She has another (much smaller) breast lump, and I think that should be removed too, considering her recent history. I will also ask for the ultrasound and Xrays to be performed while she is asleep if possible, to avoid another anesthetic for them.
She does tolerate the anesthetic and surgery remarkably well, so far, so I don't think this will be any harm to her, and would be better done than left. though I feel bad having to put her through it all again only weeks after her last one)
If she wasn't so generally fit and strong, and full of beans I wouldn't put her through it, but she is, so we have to.

I will also find out from my vet exactly what types of malignacy were present in the mass removed 24th February, and let you know.

Thank you, your help is appreciated very much. She may as well be my sister, so I have to do my best for her.
I  will contact you again, if that is OK?
All the best.
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