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I'm in a big quandary. My 75 year old father is losing his drivers license so he is going to be stuck at home all day mostly alone.  I thinking about getting him a dog to keep him company.  The problem will be the cats.  They don't like dogs or don't like those that they have been exposed to.  Does anyone have any suggestions on breeds better with cats, how to introduce them or any other suggestions for me.  I am going to make the basement a dog free zone by putting up a baby gate that is up high enough for the cats to get under but the dog not to. I have some conditions if it helps: no small dogs- have to be able to let the cats have their area. Has to be a rescue, trained, exposed to cats, no pitbulls, boxers or anything that is really strong- the big barrel chested breeds, labs- they stay puppies forever and are very excitable. I'm leaning towards a retired racing greyhound but need other suggestions too.
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I think it depends on the animals. I had my cat for 9 years and then got the 3 dogs. My dogs are 3 different breeds and we got 2 of them as adults one was 2 the other 4yrs they all do well with my cat. My cat took his time accepting the does but when we tried to add another cat he refused to accept it.
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First of all, does your father want a dog?  Is he steady on his feet and watch where he is walking?  Dogs can be great companions but can be a hazard fir an older person, ie, tripping, jumping, need for care, etc.
I have had cats and dogs raised together but most from a young age.  I had Shekties when I had cats.  A baby gate was usually kept up and the cats could just jump over it.  
I also helped with Greyhound rescue for some years.  We adopted one and I had cats.  I did have to be vigilant at first because he would go after the cats when they ran,  eventually, that stopped.  Most rescue groups cat test the dogs. They can be nice companion dogs and most love to take walks.  
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