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Chessy with enlarged liver

I have a chessy retriever that is almost 11 years old. A few days ago she started throwing up bile. A lot of bile. We called the vet and they gave her fluids and a shot for nausea hoping that she would get better and she thought maybe our dog had gotten a bit of pancreatitis from thanksgiving. Grandkids feeding her! Well she didn't stop throwing up even though she has spent the last night in the hospital. They gave her fluids and nausea shots and all blood tests came back normal. The vet says she has an enlarged liver. She is very lethargic and even small movements cause her to throw up which is all bile and has a very unpleasant odor. They sent her home today as they plan on doing a ultrasound on Wed morn. They gave her meds and a shot for nausea but they don't seem to be working because she throws up everything even the slightest amount of water. We are very worried. She has never been sick before that we know of. We rescued her from a family that could no longer take care of her about 6 years ago. Any help would be appreciated.
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Agree with ginger, totally!  Can you go to another Vet?
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I am so sorry she is sick like this.
What are they doing -sending her home, when she cannot even hold water down? How is she meant to hold down her medicines? (Unless the shots they gave her before she was sent home are meant to last?) But usually anti-nausea drugs have to be given maybe every 8 hours? Or something similar....
And it is obvious she will get dehydrated in one day in that position.
It is not your fault, but I question the vet's judgment.
A dog in that situation needs to be on intravenous fluids, and the ultrasound performed -sort of now!

What is wrong with her....obviously I can't say. But she is in a miserable position if she can't keep water down. She needs to be hospitalised in my opinion until she is stabilised, stressful though that will be for her and you.
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