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Chocolate lab not scarfing down her food /having gulping episodes, what's going on?

Ok so I have a 1.5 year old chocolate lab and over the past two weeks she has decided food isn't that exciting, weird because she used to scarf her food down. She was only eating maybe a cup or two a day if I coaxed her. So I'm thinking she's a smart girl maybe she doesn't like her food. I got her new food and she was excited about it and ate normal for two days and now back to picking at it. During this time she's still drinking water and playing regularly. Her poops are pretty normal. She's starting to gulp hard randomly now like she has something stuck in her throat. I've checked her teeth and see nothing. She also puked bile the other morning around 5am probably because she didn't eat enough for dinner.  I hate to go to the vet to run tests just to get the "keep an eye on her" diagnosis. Anyone else seen this before? She is starting to freak me out?
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I am so sorry you waited such a long time for an answer. Sometimes dogs gulp because they feel nauseous. But a thought is also hat she might have the feeling of something stuck in her throat. Does she chew at anything? Rawhides....toys, etc? Those rawhides are downright dangerous in my opinion. I remember a dog of mine once literally choking on a large piece he was trying to swallow, and I had to reach in and pull it out of his throat. It could have killed him.

I guess by now, either she is feeling better and it passed, or you did take her to the vet. I know the "wait and keep an eye on her" reply from a vet is always frustrating, but it is wiser when a dog is not behaving normally, to take them  to be checked anyway.

I hope your dog is okay now.....
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