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Christmas with the Dogs!

Over the years Hubby and I have been blessed with two incomes and the ability to give great gifts to each other, far-flung family members and friends.  Those gifts included our pets and even pets of family and friends.   :-)

Now that I can't work, we are officially broke and material giving is canceled this year.  I saw this decision coming months ago, and Hubby about fell over when I brought it up.  After some serious number crunching, he finally saw the light of reality.

On the one hand, it's sad.  On the other hand, I find a great burden has been lifted.  After all, gift giving is not what Christmas is all about.  It's time we focused on the real meaning of the holiday for once in our lives.  

Cutting ourselves out of gifts is one thing, but we get so much joy watching the dogs "open" their gifts, that we can't cut them out of the merriment.  Even if a $10.00 toy gets shredded in 5 minutes (usually!) it's worth it.

Christmas is when I most miss our first dog, Travis.  We had to keep gifts on the dining room table until opening day or he'd have the paper shredded in minutes.  That crazy mutt knew exactly how to rip off the wrappings without damaging the item inside.  He had a ball rolling around in a mound of discarded paper while shredding it with his teeth and claws.  The toy was just icing on the cake.  Of our four dogs, Travis was the only one who really got into the shredding game.  Our latest dog, Doc Holliday the dalmation, will have his first Christmas with us this year.  He's a bit slow on the uptake with most things, but maybe he'll catch on to the unwrapping festivities.  I hope so!  Maggie is too well-mannered to even think of going after something that isn't specifically handed to her.  :-)

All these memories make me curious.  Are your pets included in the holiday festivities?  We want stories!

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"Santa" always visits our dogs, Max and Baby.  They always get a stocking full of toys and treats and then the past few years a bed each.  And they love getting new beds.  They will always take their treats, etc. out of their stockings and make a point to lay on their new beds to enjoy them.  We take pictures of them every year enjoying their gifts from "Santa".  They've been our children, and now that we are pregnant, that won't change.  We'll just have 3 kids to buy for next year.  The funniest thing is when we put our stockings on the mantle, Max will follow me and sit in front of the fireplace and stare at his stocking.  I have to keep reminding him that Santa hasn't come yet.  Pets are so fun!
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Oh my!!!  of course!!!  I have 2 cats right now and they always get a few presents, even though they aren't the type to play...The play for a few moments and then move on...but they DO love the boxes and the wrapping of all the other presents...that excites them!

I had 2 dogs in my life and they were always a ball to watch opening their presents.  We used to do the same thing...watch them rip open their packages!  It was always so much fun!!!  I used to video tape it also.

One year I put my dogs gift under the tree with all the others.  Big Mistake!  All the other boxes were smushed with the dog climbing over them to get her present!  and of course she got it and opened it!  After that, we always kept her gift away until Christmas morning!

My sister has 8 cats...yes, I said 8.  They get the biggest gift bag of all when I go to visit her.  It is fun to watch them with all the cat nip treats!  It's like sugaring up a kid and then leaving them to be tended to by their mom and dad!!!!

I also have a dear friend who runs her own pet rescue...she usually has anywhere from 10-14 dogs at a time at her home (small ones only!) f(or those interested it is tinytreasuresrescue *******).  I always give bags of chewys and a monetary donation.

Having pets on Christmas morning is just like watching children open the presents from Santa...nothing is more warming, touching and fulfilling as seeing their reactions and faces...all through the eyes of a child..and a pet.
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Naturally, Santa is kinder to the Peek dogs than the Peek herself!    We have special baked treats for the boys, and usually some toys...but the Peekdogs are hard on most toys.  They don't last long.
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The beagle loves Xmas.  She feels all the presents are hers so we have to be careful about the placement of packages.  She is the first one who gets to open hers which is usually a stuffed animal bigger than her.  She sniffs out her stocking with her favorite dog treats.  As for S the cat......he could careless about his presents.  He just likes the ribbons and bows.  He does like his candy cane striped mice that came in his stocking.  They each have ornaments on the tree with their names on them.  The beagle loves to help bake also.  Years ago my kids would fight over the beaters so i said okay the first one in the kitchen gets the beaters..........They would come sliding in to be first and there sat the beagle.  She was and always has been first in the kitchen!!!!
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