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Chunks of skin coming off Westie's lips

Hi, I have a 6 year old Westie that has crusty dark skin peeling off her lips and the hair on her chin is turning dark. She also has licked her paws a lot and they are now turning rusty colored. We were given an ointment called Entederm  for her lips as well as Monistat for her paws but neither have helped. Also, when I put the ointment on her lips she licks it off and rubs her face all over the carpet so I don't know if she gets much actually on her lips. She sometimes will paw at her mouth but for the most part it doesn't seem to bother her half as much as it bothers me. She does get upset when I put the ointment on or try to pull the skin chunks out of her fur. The vet doesn't seem to know what to do, we are going to take her to a different vet but I was hoping to get some advice on here as well. We do use ceramic dishes not plastic, she eats Blue Buffalo Life Protection dog food. She didn't have this problem until about a year 1/2 ago. About that time she did start playing a lot with a thick rubber ball that we got her I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not. Also, would a vitamin supplement help? What are your thoughts on Halo dream coat, Halo xtra C, or Dinovite brand? Is there a supplement you would recommend?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Has the vet tried antibiotics or a course of steroids?  that's number 1 and 2 to try.  she may also have a grain allergy.  I'm not familiar with Blue Buffalo, but she may need to try a prescription hypoallergenic food from the vet for a while to see if it is allergy induced.  

See my post on lip pyoderma on this forum....Penaten cream can be ordered inexpensively via Amazon.  Won't hurt to try it.  Clean and completely dry the area 3 times a day, and then slather it with the Penaten.  Use an E collar to keep the dog from pawing the product off or rubbing it on the carpets.

May not help, but it can't hurt.  
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One other thing, when my dog had the lip pyodermas, the vet completely shaved around his lips.  Hair traps moisture and bacteria.  I didn't have to keep shaving it, the Penaten fixed the problem after about a week.  I still use it a couple times a week to keep it from coming back.

You can try it on the paws, too...but obviously you will need the E collar or sh will lick it right off.
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Sounds like it could be pyoderma.  Fir one thing, try wiping his mouth dry after he eats and drinks.
Are you using plastic feeding bowls?
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Sorry, just read you are not using plastic bowls.
Might be a stretch but your Vet might want to check for Discoid Lupus Erythematosus which is an autoimmune disorder.  They would have to do a biopsy and check ANA.  It is a genetic condition and Westies are not one of the typical breeds affected but you might mention it to the Vet.
Westies can have skin problems, which are genetic.
I suggest you do a Google search fir skin conditions in Westies and read up on them.  
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Thanks for the advice. I think I will try the Penaten. It's very strange she didn't have any issue until about a year and 1/2 ago. Also it went away for about a month a while back and I have no idea why. The vet thought it was seasonal allergies at first but the meds she was given didn't help and she has had the issue during all for seasons. Blue Buffalo is supposed to be good hollistic dog food for a dry kibble any ways. It is grain and corn free and made in Canada. She was on a different food until several months ago and we changed it for a few reasons. One they started producing it in China and two the vet suggested switching to Blue Buffalo to see if it would help her mouth. She has been on antibiotics and steroids they made no difference. I am going to be taking her to a Westie specialist but can't get in for quite some time, so any advice in the meantime really is helpful. Thank you for the suggestion of the Penaten.
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I have done some Google searches and found a few possibilities. I did find the info on the Discoid Lupus similar to her condition but saw it isn't typical in Westies. But I think you are right, it would be good to explore that possibility. The skin on the rest of her body is great never had any issues. She originally came from a not so great breeder so it wouldn't surprise me if she had something genetic. Thanks for the help.
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I also did see that the Discoid Lupus Erythematosus is more on the nose instead around the mouth. But still wouldn't hurt to check it out.
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Your dog MUST wear an E collar, or you will have the thick cream all over everywhere if she wipes it as you are saying.

Good luck, it can't hurt.  But of course, if she does not improve, do see your vet, perhaps ask for a referral to a teaching hospital for furthur work up.
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