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Circular Patch of Fur loss and Scabbing

Hello. I my dog has a patch of fur missing the size of a quarter on her right shoulder. It has a pretty gooey scab on it as well. She is 7 and a pitbull mix. Never seen this before and she has good bloodwork and all of her shots. I did however give her a topical for fleas and ticks from PetArmor. Can this be the culprit to her wound?  
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Research the PetArnor topical flea and tick treatment and see if there are any other reports of skin problems attached to it.
I'm afraid I don't know, as I am in the UK, and don't know that product. But I do know that some products are worse than others for various reasons.
If I were you I would definitely let her vet take a look at that.
It couldn't be ringworm could it? (which is a fungal infection, not an actual worm.) Ringworm can leave circular lesions, hence its name.
If it is, there will be a medication to treat it. Speak to the vet.
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