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Cramping Problem

Hi everyone,  I have a bit of a problem that my vet can't seem to salve & that is why does my Chi get the shivers & leg cramps.  I also have a real bad flea problem.  I have 3 dogs & 1 cat (who thinks it's a dog).  I don't like to use a lot of chemicals on my animals.  I recently started using Rosemary & it seems to work, for how long I'm not sure.  I would like to find out if there is a oil based recipe that I can rub on my animals to help get rid of the fleas.
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I can't help with the herb approach but we, and many of us, use Front Line Plus for control of ticks and fleas.  Our dogs have no flea problems.

There must be some good "natural" soap that will help - have you looked on the web for flea fighting shampoo and ointments.. this is a search string that comes to my mind.

Good luck,
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I've been doing a  bit of research on what herbs might help fight fleas & ticks.  I think I may have hit on something here.  I made an infused Olive Oil with mint & rosemary.  After giving her a bath, making sure she was completely dry & then I rubbed this oil concoction all over her.  No Fleas, so far.  I can't wait to see how long this might last.  
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Hi there.  Well, I'm not an expert but I tell ya, fleas are gross.  Our pets have never had them but we recently acquired a dog that I discovered had fleas after about two days being in the house with us.  They drop their eggs and then they are in the carpet, their bedding, etc.  You have to take a whole house approach.  Make sure you vacuum really well and often and immediately empty the vacuum into a plastic bag and put in the outside trash.  Wash bedding in hot water and I add bleach.  Use the flea comb with hot soapy water.  

But, in terms of treatment of our new dog, I went the easy route.  I used what our vet thinks is great which is Revolution.  And according to revolution's information, it does work on the pet but also the whole house because fleas need a host.  They will die off if they have no host. They'll take humans but they don't really like them and prefer our pets.  So, if the pets aren't available, your house infestation could die off.  That's what happened with us.  I never had to use anything in the house to get rid of them.  

I hear ya that you are against chemicals, but if it were me---  I'd do what you need to do to get rid of them for now (a product from your vet) and THEN use something natural for ongoing resistance to them.  ??

But that is just me that gets the willies with bugs in the house on my animals and everywhere else they drop.  I'd want them gone and then deal with a natural way to keep them gone after it was cleared up.

the chivers and leg cramps.  Could this be legs twitching due to itching?  
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BTW, our flea problem was gone in about three days with the Revolution and house cleaning/bedding washing (washed it every day during that time).  
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BTW, I don't have carpets & I don't think that Revolutions stuff works very well; as I had just used it about 2 weeks before doing this.  I had already done my house by cleaning it, bedding, etc.  So, I'll stick with this method, which seems to be working.
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Oh, I had thought you had posted this because you had some issues still.  

Bummer you had bad luck with Revolution which has worked well for me.  Our last dog had a tic and we put the Revolution on ---  within 24 hours it dried up and we've never had fleas while others around us have.

Anyway, you may find this interesting.  I saw this posted here and it actually is some information on Rosemary being harmful to dogs.


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Thanks for the information.  I did read this article, but it only talks about feeding it to your animal, not putting it on their skin.  After reading the article, I'll be more careful on the food I buy for my dogs.
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Yes, I didn't know if they could get to it and lick it?  
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Best Natural Product: "Critter Oil"....It's basically a repellant, but I've had very good luck with it......It's a small bottle of Essential oils That you mix w/ water for a spray or in your dog shampoo......

For Yard, House & bedding: "Diatomaceous Earth"--(Love this stuff!) Non Toxic--You want food grade, NOT Swimming pool grade.....This stuff works great! Can be dusted on anything including Organic gardening outdoors! Sprinkle around your baseboards...Doesn't matter if a dog licks it...It will not hurt them...Can actually be INGESTED for parasite control in animals or humans.....Kills Insects including fleas & ticks.....

Dawn Dishwashing Liquid (Blue One) will kill fleas instantly.....Can bathe a dog in this as it's the proper PH and won't damage the skin......Only Kills fleas, will not repel them.......

Good luck, Karla

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Use to be able to buy the blue dawn dish washing soup but can't seem to find it anywhere now.  Don't know where I would buy "Diatomaceous Earth" in Mexico.  As that is where I live.  
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Could you get it online?  
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It might be possible to get that online.  Not sure how much it would cost with shipping & everything.  So, not sure if it would be worth doing.
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Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, can usually be bought at Feed Stores. It is something that Farmers will often mix in with their animal feed.
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Thanks, I know there are feed store around here but whether they have that stuff in stock is another story.  It is Mexico after all.  I can ask some of the local if you can get that stuff here or not.  Is there a better name or a more common name for it?
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I don't know of any other name for it. If you can't get it locally, you can always order it online.
I purchased mine from my local feed store. I paid Sixteen dollars for a 6 pound container.  A little Diatomaceous Earth goes a long way, so a couple pounds should be more than enough.
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