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Depression after seizures

This past summer my dog went through 3 seizures, each one longer than the last. It has taken a toll on her psyche, and I am unsure of how I can help her. My dog is a golden retriever/Australian shepherd mix, 11yrs old. We did take her to vet and she was on meds (diazapam) for a bit, but has stopped taking them recently since the seziures have stopped and they don't help to relax her.

Since her last seizure, she has been unable to sleep, walks around aimlessly (constantly running into things), wont drink, and it has gotten to the point of spoon feeding her wet food (she can't dry food anymore..i think its too hard for her to chew, even the wet food has to be cut up or she will lick it and not eat it).

She is also blind in her right eye (according to the vet) so this may also be why she wont go outside anymore, she can't see properly!

Any suggestions on how I can help her to get outside (to at least walk around, get some fresh air, do her business) and get her drink some water would be greatly appreciated.
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I really think this is more than seizures.  Any animal (or human) who has a seizure will be very tired and lethargic when it's over.  The recovery phase may last only a few minutes or a full day.  It all depends on what part of the brain is short-circuiting, why it is short-circuiting, and how long the seizure lasted.  Valium isn't the greatest at preventing seizures - phenobarbitol is the typical first line of defense in my neck of the woods.

I'm also very concerned that there is a bigger problem that is causing the seizures because your dog's symptoms are lasting far too long and are too severe to be a result of a seizure.  Something physical rather than mental is going on and you need to know what you're up against.  Head back to the vet and explain everything that's been happening.  Until the underlying cause is diagnosed, anything you do is just guesswork.  Please do post back and let us know what you learn.
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