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Does my dachshund have IVDD?

My four-year-old dachshund is showing some symptoms for IVDD, but after reading more about it, her symptoms are mild & she is showing the minority of what I see listed ... is this a progressive disease where the symptoms worsen?  She has muscle spasms, doesn't lift her head, avoids going up or down the one step through the laundry room to outside, she has an appetite but won't eat her regular dry food, she is eating chopped turkey & chicken, etc., food I am preparing for her, Her symptoms are not ongoing and continuous ... sometimes she seems like her old self & others she seems incapacitated & mentally somewhere else.   If anyone has or had a dog diagnosed with IVDD, please share your experience ... I have decided to "crate" her to limit movement, and will give her an anti- inflammatory ... I will be very grateful to hear your experiences! Thank you!!
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Here are more accurate symptoms of IVDD. These should help you determine if your dog is really suffering from IVDD.

Neck pain and stiffness
Lowered head stance
Back pain and stiffness
Yelping unexpectedly when touched or moving
Abdominal tenderness or tenseness
Arched back
Sensitivity to touch
Sensitivity to movement
Impaired, incomplete or inappropriate urination
Dragging one or more legs when walking
“Toeing over” or “knuckling over” when walking or standing
Stilted gait; tentative gait
Reluctance to rise
Tremors, trembling, shaking
Lack of coordination
Abnormal reflexes
Paralysis in one or more limbs
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