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Dog Foods Pls help me out

Hello All'
Well I have done tons of research and talked many people, vets, other dog owners, etc and seems everyone has a different answer. As I am sure you all will to but I just want to make sure that my Saint Bernard gets  best care and food possible. I was told that the dye red 40 in dog food can be bad and sometimes cause dogs to itch well I have had mine treated for itching and took off red 40 dye dog food and seems help she had shot 3 months ago and long wore off but still only itching ever now and then an NO red 40 dye.

Next my bff is a dog lover and she has many animals from dogs, cats, horses, chickens.. etc And she bought a book off internet that said low brand dog food uses awful stuff in there dog food and that it can posion or kill your dog over time... Says that they use dead animals that have been killed by humane society, the posion the use to kill animals still in dogs and when they put them in burner to make dog food does not always get all stuff used put to sleep. Said dog foos w/by products is bad so on so on//./ Brands they say are good are so very high like 50.00 for 15lb bad and she eats quite bit food and I just cant afford that kind price but yet I want her to have good dog foos and nothing they may make her sick or kill her plus no red 40 dye PLEASE HELP ME OUT AND THANK YOU FOR TIME!!!!
HERE is a picture of my baby... I love her so....
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I've added links for 3 very good quality foods that are quite resonably priced. They are not as well known as Iams, Eukanuba, Science Diet or Royal Canin but they are much better quality and at much lower prices. I would check out the websites, i think they all have a "where to buy" button to help you find a location close to you. You can also look online and read different reviews about the foods. Hope this helps =)


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hey again

it just dawned on me that if your dog is still itching she may have food allergies...

The most common food allergy is chicken, which is unfortunatly also the base of most dogs foods. I would really consider trying the Premium Edge Lamb formula, keep her on it for a good two months to see if she still itches. You can also try adding fatty acids to her diet which will help relieve the itching aswell. A good quality one that is a really fair price is Artic Vigor. You can ask a Pet supply store to order it for you. If you really want to test to see if the itching is food related you should cut out ALL table scraps and remember that treats and cookies may also have chicken ingredients so it's important that you check all the ingredients of anything you give her to make sure there is no chicken. A good hypoalergenic treat is Natural Balance Fish and potatoes.


There is their website. They make REALLY... REALLY good hypoalergenic pet foods and treats but they are a little pricey.

ok! i think thats it, once again, i hope it helps!! =)
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I'll just add this in case anyone from the UK reads this post.
I had the same worries about dog food, so I researched online and came up with an award-winning company based in Britain: Healthy Paws. They are based in Liverpool, but ship (within UK at any rate) for a very very reasonable price £4.99.
The food I buy is Rabbit and Brown Rice dry food for adult dogs. It is excellent holistic food, allergen-free, and containing anti-oxidants, no by-products, omega 3, and health-supporting herbs suitable for dogs. My dog has been fit and well on this. I have fed her this food for about 2 years now, and supplement this with boiled chicken, beef and fish with vegetables like carrot, cabbage, etc.
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