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Dog Looks Up At Ceiling

Our small Chihuahua/Terrier started looking up at the ceiling momentarily, looks around and then goes back to himself.

He is responsive and can be brought out of his gaze. He doesn’t have anything on his eyes and we had his vet check him out but couldn’t see anything. We haven’t taken him to an optomitrist yet.

His looking up has progressed over the last weeks. He still eats, drinks, goes to the bathroom properly and never loses his balance.

He’s done this for years but we thought it was his long fur so we would trim it..  Months pass and he suddenly picks it up again and so we trim his hair but he keeps do g it disputed his fur being trimmed and they’re increasing.

I know I should go to the optometrist, what I’m looking for is a direction, does anyone have a pet that suddenly started doing this?

We don’t have mice, we don’t have flys, we don’t have ghosts.

Thank you for your help, we appreciate your help.

God bless.
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Hello~He may be having a very small seizure, ask your vet about this, I know that some breeds are more prone to this than others. There are meds that can help if this is the case.
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There probably is a physical reason, so it's good you're having him thoroughly checked out.
A tiny seizure sounds logical perhaps....

But I will just go off on a tangent for a moment. This most likely hasn't got anything to do with it....but, do you have a TV in that room?
I don't have one now, but when I did have, I would often hear a small crackling run across (what appeared to be) the ceiling. It only lasted a moment or two. It became so common I almost never noticed it unless I paid attention. I cannot remember when it happened. It mght have been soon after the TV was switched off....or at another time. Sorry I can't remember. It is years ago.
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