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Dog dry eye (KCS), dry nose, drooling on one side only

My 10 month old Yorkie was recently diagnosed with Keratoconjunctivitis sicca in her right eye only.  Since that diagnosis, the right side of her nose is dry and she excessively drools from time to time on that side. Although she seems happy and alert, she sleeps a lot more than I would expect for a puppy her age and also easily pants under mild exertion.  Could there be something else going on besides her KCS or perhaps maybe an infection of some sort is to blame for all this? I will appreciate any feedback. Thank you!
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This is quite a good article about dog dry eye:

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Definitely get her blood-work done. That should give some clues as to whether or not she is fighting an infection. If so, the solution might be quite simple such as a course of antibiotics?

Is she on any medication for "dog dry eye" or Keratoconjunctivitis sicca?
And did the vet say if this is immune-mediated or not?
It is definitely an inflammatory condition so there might be an auto-immune element which is more common.
There are a number of causes and it's important for the vet to find out which it is:
congenital (from birth), metabolic, infectious, drug induced, neurogenic (of neurological origin), radiation side effect, iatrogenic (side effect of medication or treatment), idiopathic (no known cause), and immune mediated.

Symptomatic relief may be similar in all cases, but it's important to find the root cause.

The inflammation may also be affecting her nasal tissues.
It must feel horribly uncomfortable if so, and she may have some difficulty breathing. (Like feeling you have a constant bad cold or hay fever and it may be painful) .
Maybe that's why she has slowed down and seems lethargic?
That is my guess actually, but take her back to the vet and see what is discovered.
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I'm currently going through this same thing.  Did you ever get any answers? PLEASE email me at ***@****.
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I am sorry but on the Med Help forums, email addresses cannot be posted.  It is an automatic "firewall" which prevents the email address showing and staff can't alter that.
However, it is fine if another member wants to contact you via private message.
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