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Dog has sagging skin under jaw after fine needle biopsy

So my 4 year old dog underwent a fine needle biopsy today because of his swollen lymph nodes under his jaw. During the procedure, he had a bleeding in his mouth which went away immediately. Vet thinks that its his salivary glanf thats inflamed and not the lymph nodes.Later this evening, i noticed that the skin under his jaw became saggy, and it feels like there is fluid inside. What could this be? I am so worried that the lymph nodes or salivary gland bled inside and is leaking under his jaw.
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I am sorry for not having been on site for a few days, so missed this until just now .
I imagine you did take your dog back to be seen by the vet the next day.
What was the outcome?
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Hi! Few days passed and the sag went away! As well as the swelling. Doc prescribed meloxicam. Did blood work and came out fine as well.

Im still worried though. The FNA results are not yet out. We still dont know if its the lymph nodes thats swelling or the salivary glands. Have you had any experience with this?
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