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Dog is BED RIDDEN , frequent seizures, and PKD

Dog: indian ( pahari)
Age: 12 yrs.
Weight  28 kg

1. Epileptic seizures :  since 18 aug 2020 ( developed after one month of right ear hemotoma surgery also there is a weird growth on the ear lobe which is increasing day by day)

2. Prostate enlarged : in jan 2021 was resolved after medication ( as he was urinating normally  after removal of catheter) ( also started circling- but resolved after few days)

3. Kidney cyst : dec 2020 anechoic area measuring 4.8 ×5.3cm ( but in January 2021 the ultrasound couldn't find it)

4. Thyroid : hypothyroidism

5: plural efflusion : was resolved after medication


1. Epileptic seizures : in  june alone (till 19th jun) there were 10 episodes ( of 40 sec to 1 min duration

2. Prostate: was diagnosed enlarged and ultrasound reveals multiple anechoic cavitation.....x-ray shows normality

3. Kidney  :  right kidney shows echogenic anechoic, multilobulated areas with size of 6.29 x6.43cm

4. Thyroid: FT4  1.120 ng/dl.       TSH 0.001 ulU/ml

5. Walking in circles : since 27 may 2021 stared this phenomenon, also urination only twice a day. Also now budges into things like wall e.t.c but not the person standing in front..

6. BED RIDDEN : on 7th june he had 4 episodes of seizures then walked for a while ... then slept for 24 hrs after that he is bed ridden , he tries to stand up but falls down immediately and even while sitting/ laying down he tries to bend towards the abdomin / hind legs ( its bilateral  but  he is switching, like BENDING towards right side and after two days he is bending on the left side)

7. Ear - xray - mild calcification in ear canal , growth on the pinna is still growing on the right side

 8. Reports .. relative neutophilia ( 78%) , monocyte count zero ,
    Urine - found  triple phosphate crystals pus cells and urothelial cell ,  but NO BLOOD
Small intestine - ultrasound - collapsed / mildly gas filled

Everything else is within normal range


1. Envas (enalapril maleate) 10 mg - twice a day for high bp
2. Pimobendan 15 mg -for heart
3. Thyroxin 75 mg- twice a day
4.finastride 10 mg - for prostate
5. Epicare-  2ml for seizures
6. CBD oil given nasaly when seizures occur or when  i suspect it

I am in dire need of good guidance/ medical opinion..  PLEASE HELP
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I am so sorry your poor dog is so unwell in so many different ways. I am not a vet or medical professional, and I know you are looking for expert guidance here.

I have one question though: what are his blood results re: renal values? Renal failure can cause very many other seemingly unrelated problems, and can sometimes cause seizures and a dementia-like state.

I hope someone will come here and be able to help you. Once, veterinarians used to comment here, but I haven't seen that now for years.
I feel for you and your dog. I hope some help will come. Many blessings to him.
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