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Dog knee issue

I has a 4 year old website mix. His back legs seem to slip out of place at the knee when he walks slowly. For years his right legs has done it, but now the left is starting. Not sure what it is. He has never shown any signs of pain, and seems to run and jump just fine. A vet told me once that he's fine, but it may need to be replaced as he gets older. Any ideas what it could be or if it is serious and needs to be fixed sooner rather than later... Please help
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He's a Westie Mix..
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It sounds like luxating patellas, or the knee cap slips out of place. It occurs fairly commonly, but nothing needs to be done unless the dog is in pain. Also, most vets won't recommend surgery unless the knee caps are out of place more often than not and are causing discomfort. If your dog is comfortable, you don't need to pursue any treatment.
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