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Dog skin infection

Hello all, my dog, Sultan, has itching and scratches himself a lot, licks his paws and has what seem to be rashes

Yesterday, upon wakeup, he had this large area without hair in one of his hips (photo attached). And today it seems worse with a more intense red color.
Also, today another little spot appeared on his other hip, he licks himself a lot so i don't know if it's that or he's got an allergy.
I have other dogs and they dont have any symptoms so it may not be something contagious?

Other thing, i read about this pyoderma and that one of the causes may be bites from another dog since it weakens the dog's defenses, and just the day before the first symptom he was bitten by another dog
Could it be that? can i apply to him germicidal and antiseptic iodine?

Here is the folder with pictures
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I can't actually get to the pictures. But from what you describe I think you should have a vet take a look.
If this has happened since the dog bite there could be infection going on which needs prompt treatment.
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