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Dog with Concussion

Cross post from Expert Vet:

My GF's toy Yorkie was spooked and fell off my dining room table this morning at 10:30AM where he landed on flat his right side. She brought him to me as he was unresponsive, not breathing and had a very slow/or no heart rate. I was able to revive him and we rushed him to the vet where he started to gain some coherence, but still lacked coordination and was unable to sit or stand.
The DVM gave him a subQ anti-inflammatory and 1/2 of a Valium for his muscle rigidity. He released the dog to us with instructions to give 1/4 to 1/2 Valium every 12 hours. He seems dazed and in another world. He can't walk, stand or even lay properly. He has rigidity in his neck, but he can move his head and right side. He tries to right himself but can't yet so he can't go outside to potty. I know it is a brain injury/concussion. He hasn't vomited or lost control of bowel/bladder.

Update: After 18 hours, he is still having problems with coordination and can't sit or stand. His breathing has become rapid and shallow. I am giving him water via syringe about every 30 min. His pupils are equal and responsive to light, but his left eye seems to pull outward when his right eye is looking straight.

The Vet said to wait until Monday, but I feel like I should be doing more. He means everything to my GF and I am afraid if the dog doesn't get better, it may actually cause her to have another heart attack. Pray for both of them.
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Sorry, but I think your vet is being a bit blase' about this injury asking you to wait a week while the dog gets worse.  Were I in your position, I'd be getting a second opinion - fast.

Please keep us posted on your yorkie's progress - you're all in my prayers!  :-)
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Oh, I hope you took the puppy to another Vet, this sounds serious.  Please let us know how he is.
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We are in a small community and this vet is well recommended. He had plaques everywhere including a military veterinarian one. He gave him steroids and muscle relaxers to help with the trauma to the brain.

The lil guy is getting better, but still wobbly and not eating on his own. He has started drinking though. We got him some Nutri-cal to supplement his diet until he does start eating independently. It is just so frustrating to see your best friend locked behind a mirror. I am used to seeing a mature dog with a p*ss & vinegar attitude, but now just lays around. I know brain injuries can take a while to heal. I just hope he improves more.

You can see a more in depth discussion in another area of this website:


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Update after 10 days:

He has gone from dead to about 90% recovered.

He now eats and drinks unassisted as well as goes outside for relieving himself. He still has some minor balance issues, but is coping quite well. He sometimes tracks sideways when he walks toward a destination, but its not too-too bad.

He isn't as vocal as before, but I still think he has a little bit of recovery to go as his brain rewires itself and the swelling abates. I appreciate everyone here. Thanks for listening.

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Thank you so much for the update!  And it's wonderful that it's good news!

What a scary thing for you all to have gone through!   Good for you for sticking with him and seeing this through.  I have no doubt now that he will recover fully, and he owes it all to you.  He's a lucky pup to have such a concerned, loving family.  Thanks again for the update, and we hope you'll stick around the Dogs community to contribute to our conversations!

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I have a miniature dachshund, Bentley, that has the same exact symptoms.  He was nicked  in the head by a car on 3/15/09.  He is my best little buddy and I am praying he has the same course of symptoms as OzarkMark.  I have taken him to three different veterinarians bc I have been unsatisfied with the result and my dogs progress.  All vets have provided him anti-inflammatories and pain medication, but 4 days have elapsed and I am still in need of forcing fluids and food.  He seems to be very disoriented and his poor eyes speak volumes.  I have started taking him to work with me daily to make sure he recieves proper nutrition and hydration.  Would you happen to know if there are any other medications/treatments that would benefit Bentley???  He can walk but, doesn't go very far, his balance is impaired, and has no interest in food or water.  Thanks for providing a listening ear.

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