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Drooling and vomiting white foam

I have a 10 month old American bull dog lab mix. She is a very happy healthy dog UTD on all vaccinations and kc. We rescued her and mended her back to health. This morning she started vomiting white foam and drooling a lot. She has probably vomited now about 5 times and is acting sleepy. We did take her outside and she did play for a bit. I'm not sure if this is a vet thing or if I should watch her for a while first?
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Please do take her to the vet to be checked. a.s.a.p.

I have no idea what is wrong of course, and it may not be this....but I got a sudden thought that she may have eaten something irritant/toxic.

I hope she will be well again soon.
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That was my thought too. Since I posted this she went in her kennel and slept for a couple hours. My boyfriend came home and she woke up and was herself again. Wagging tail the whole thing. We are gonna keep her with us today and watch her. I did walk our back yard to look for anything weird. Thanks for the response! :)
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It is possible she DID eat something toxic but vomited it back up by now. It might only have been a stinky bug. (I had a cat once who used to retch whenever he came near certain bugs)
Or it might have been something very very bitter which she got into. And you might no even see or know about it.

My advice is to keep a close eye on her. If she does eat, give her something bland like fish or chicken with rice.
If she doesn't keep that down, won't drink water, or looks at all 'iffy' in the next 24 hours, take her into a vet.

I wouldn't let her sleep in her kennel today or tonight to be on the safe side. Keep her in the house where you can keep a watch on her for any changes.

I'm glad -so far -she seems a lot better.
But remember dogs are great at hiding their symptoms -especially if something good is happening -such as someone coming home whom they love! Some dogs will wag their tails and seem happy when they are ill.

Thank you for posting us an update!
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You pooch is displaying symptoms of bloating. This is a condition in which the dog swallows excessive air and fluids causing a swelling in the stomach. This condition warrants a trip to the vet.
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