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Feeding Overweight Dogq

I have a 9 year old Lab/Blue Healer who has put on quite a bit of weight these last few years.   A friend of mine suggested to add rice to his food as a filler to help with him being so hungry, since I am cutting back his food intake.  Does anyone know if this is ok to do? He gets a lot of exercise (loves to play ball, he lives for it!!)
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raw meaty bones are wonderful for cutting back food. they get tired of chewing and it tends to fill there needs of eating. big beef ribs is what i get. Walmat sells a slab for 8 dollars. just make sure you slice them and give it to them raw. cooked bones splinter. my dogs love them!
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Thanks for your input.  Yes he is on a lower calorie food, I do have him on a schedule, and he get's ALOT of exercise.  I have cut his food back, so hopefully that will start to help.
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Green beans are also good for filler.

Try excersize and feeding less food - on a schedule as well.
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Exercise is probably the most important thing.  Most dogs in this country just don't get the amount of exercise they should.  Truly, they were not meant to be couch potatoes their whole lives!  Much as humans enjoy vegging out, dogs are genetically wired to travel miles every day.  If you don't already have a walking schedule with with your dog, get going on one.  It's never too late to start.  :-)
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Are you feeding a lower calorie food? My 5 yr old female was a little overweight and the doctor recommended I start feeding a low calorie food plus cut down the amount I am feeding her. I have 3 dogs already, 2 eat adult and 1 eats puppy so I didn't want to have 3 different kinds of food. I decided to cut her food down from a little over 4 cups a day (oops, I didn't realize I was giving her that much!) to 1.5 in the morning and 1.5 in the evening, with extra exercise. At first she seemed like she was starving, but I am pretty sure her tummy shrank a little and she is fine now. It took about a week for her to get used to it. She actaully lost her excess weight! About 9 pounds. It only took about 3 months and she seems much happier and healthier now.  As for the rice, I am not sure about calorie content, etc. I only feed rice (with boiled chicken) when their tummies are upset. As for his hunger, his tummy will shrink down, he won't starve.....good luck
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