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Feeding my young dog w kidney failure

My dog was diagnosed w kidney failure this week. I want to make home cooked food for him.
I am looking for food ideas that he will eat. Food that will be easy on his system and keep him interested in eating without stressing his system. We do not know how many weeks or months he has left.
He is a  5ish yr old black lab rescue dog.  He has been w us for 3 years.  He is a wonderful gentle soul and We are not ready to let him go.
We have been feeding him small meals of white rice, gr. beef w fat, cottage cheese. He likes it, but still vomits occasionally.
Please send additional suggestions.
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My 15 and half year old cross is also showin signs of renal failure. I came across this article which may help. Good luck, I know just what you are going through. http://www.windyhollowvet.com/Document/info/ChronicRenalFailureDiet.pdf
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Check Misfits (Karla's) posts.  She has some great information on foods posted and there are renal discussion posts also.
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I've been home cooking for my puppy for a few months now. (He was in kidney failure, but has since improved). At first, it was very challenging & intimidating, but with lots of research, it got a bit easier.
I got a ton of info & help from the yahoo groups "K9KidneyDiet" & "K9Kidneys", and dogaware.com has a whole section on kidney issues, and diet help.

Egg whites, and chicken (thighs or breasts, no bones, no skin) are other good sources of highly digestible protein.

Is your vet offering any suggestions on how to help the vomiting? That's not something I have experience with, but I know others have gotten certain meds to help it. What about a phosphorus blocker? How high is his phos level? That can make them feel very nauseated. Also, ask your vet if you can give pepcid, as sometimes dogs with kidney problems have a lot of acid in their tummies, which can also promote the vomiting.
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I am glad your puppy has improved.  Thanks for the info.  We are trying some different meds. He seems pretty comfortable most of the time for now.eating chicken and egg whites w bread soaked in chicken broth.  Small portions several times a day.
I will check on the phosporus blocker today .  Pepcid and anti nausea meds seems to be helping as well.  He is still doing ok. It has been  11 days now since his diagnosis. He still wants to be with us . He is slowing down and peeing alot.
I will check out the websites.

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