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Festive Dangers for Dogs!

Many of us know about all the things that are dangerous for dogs at this time of year.

But here's a quick reminder for anyone who is unsure.
Remember we get very busy when we have parties, family visits, crazy busy kitchens! Counter-surfing dogs, tempted by wonderful smells, can easily get at something which may poison them, and turn a happy Christmas into an emergency vet visit -or worse, a tragedy.

Also remember that a lot of nice smelling wrapping, tinfoil etc gets put into the kitchen waste bin. Is your bin in a place the dog cannot get at it?

Christmas pudding
Mince pies
Christmas cake
Stollen (and any fruit cake as it will contain raisins/sultanas etc.)
Turkey or meat fat/skin/crackling from pork etc. Turkey skin can also be too fatty and can cause acute pancreatitis.
Macadamia nuts.
Anything with alcohol or caffeine

Other nuts are not necessarily toxic for dogs but can cause choking as dogs don't have "grinding teeth" and are likely to swallow them whole. Also they cause tummy upset and bad constipation. But things like peanut butter and tahini are quite safe in small amounts.

This isn't a complete list. There are other foods, so if anyone thinks of something, please post in a comment.

Christmas tree lights
Tinsel and decorations
Electric cables (if dogs or puppies are likely to chew at things.)
Glass baubles
Any decorations a dog can chew at which may get swallowed and cause intestinal blockage or choking.
Gifts put around the tree may contain chocolates! You don't know. But a dog will be able to sniff them, and could eat the parcel while you are out or asleep.
Mistletoe berries. Deadly!
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