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Fist sized lump - help!

My 8 yr. old Labrador Retriever was just discovered to have a fist sized lump just below her right rib cage. She is not off her food, doesn't drink an abnormal amount of water, still loves to run and play, stool appears fine. This is not a fatty tumor - this seems to be something internal I just can't figure out what.  Our Veterinarian (the one we see for routine care yearly) just left for a 2 week vacation.  Safe to wait or not? Any ideas what it might be?
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Most lipomas or fatty tumor feel soft and movable under the skin. They usually do not make pets uncomfortable unless they are in a location where normal movement is disrupted. I suggest you get it checked by other vets first.
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Yes it might be wise to get her checked by another vet.
It could be anything. You cannot tell. It could be a hernia...an internal fatty tumour....or something else.
Even a vet probably won't be able to tell you exactly what it is, without Xrays and ultrasound, or other tests.
But 2 weeks might be a while to wait to get this seen to.

Has it come up suddenly? Because you haven't noticed it before...
I would try to find out what it is as soon as you can.
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