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Fox terrier urinary problems

My 20 month old female wired-haired fox terrier was operate at 4 months for ectopic ureters. A month or so after the operation she was just like any normal dog although she does enjoys urinating small small amounts very frequently but only in the street. I assume this is just marking territory.
Over the last week or so I'm noticing that she is leaking, usually when lying down. My question is can her ectopic ureter problem be chronic? Is it possible for the condition to repair after the operation? I'm having her checked for urinary infection.
Any ideas?
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Hi. An ectopic ureter is a congenital problem, therefore not chronic as such, but an anatomically genetic fault from birth. Surgery (often using laser techniques) does not always correct the problem. The success rate is lower in females than it is in males, varying between 25% and 58%. Therefore, it is likely that surgery has not corrected the problem. Your vet might try phenylpropanolamine, which sometimes improves the outcome.

Urinary infection is certainly a possibility, so it's good you are getting this checked out first.

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