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He does drink water but won’t eat what’s wrong with him

My chihuahua went out this morning to potty came back in drank some water and then about an hour maybe two he started shivering (made my bed shake) panting and won’t walk when I put him on the floor. He acts like he is trying to poop while he is laying down and strains when he’s outside he won’t lift his leg to pee has his tail down in between his back legs and he just vomited clear liquid.
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Ahh, poor puppy. Drinking is most important.  Is he able to keep the water down?  It sounds like he may have some kind of bowel obstruction or gi issue, obviously.  Honestly, can you get him to a vet to get checked?  
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Yes he keeps the water down. And my sister just said she can help me pay for the vet visit
Oh good.  What did the vet say?  Please let me know.
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