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Hello, I have an 8 year old blue heeler who has just been diagnosed with CKD.

My name is Alexa, I have a 8 year old heeler named Bocephus. He is strong & healthy, or so I thought. I woke up monday morning to him acting out of character. Then the vomiting started, at first I thought he was just hungry. But it kept going and he was acting so weird. I took him to my vet & his levels indicate kidney failure. I noticed about 2 months ago increased drinking and peeing. I wasn't aware this was a sign of early stage kidney issues and I regret my ignorance so so much .. my dog has been there this will be the 3rd day on fluids they say he is eating but today his levels didnt go down as much as they would have liked (hence why another night was needed) .. I ordered from canine kidney health 5 lead botanicals. I know it's not a miracle product and some reviews may be half truths but I have to try. If his levels dont go down tomorrow I will have to bring him home I'm a single mother with 2 kids I already have 2,000 gone out to the vet which is all worth it but I cant keep going I just want the best advice to keep him healthy and comfortable at home any advice at all really I'm so lost .. hes eating at the vet & he seems like hes in high spirits. I want to hope so bad.. my whole world has been turned upside down when I tell you he is my bestfriend I mean it, hes my rock my comfort zone.. I cant lose my baby hes only 8 and he is strong and active and healthy .. please help me understand how to manage this horrible disease.. I'm so afraid of losing him.
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