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Help for 14 year old Pom with CHF/enlarged heart

Our 14 year old Pomeranian was diagnosed with CHF/enlarged heart 9 months ago, even though I believe she has been suffering with it quite a bit longer, maybe 2-3 years..I think she was misdiagnosed back then. The vet I used 9 months ago prescribed 1.25mg Vetmedin, 40mg lasix. I only now give her about 25mg lasix, as I feel 40mg is excessive...she weighs around 10 lbs. For the past week, she has been doing a lot of panting, and seems quite restless, plus her coughing is somewhat worse. She acts like she feels ok for the most part, and she still eats..i try not to feed many carbs as this taxes the kidneys even more. My question is, can anyone recommend some natural alternatives so I can take her off the pharmaceuticals,  and has anyone ever done detox baths. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.
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Awwwwww, I am so sorry that your kitty is having these issues.

I did a Google search for natural remedies for heart disease in cats, it showed some herbs, etc that can be used. I would do a Google search and read about some of the products and perhaps order one, the ones I was reading looked like they came from reputable companies. I am not allowed to prescribe as I am not a vet and we don't do that here, but I do recommend doing some research, there is a lot of info on the subject.
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I am sorry, I meant to say "dogs"
If I had a dog with this issue, this is the product I would use, the herbs are all outstanding for heart issues. My dear mother used some of the same herbs when she was alive and had heart issues, they helped her lots.

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