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Help for rapid symptoms that is stumping vets?

Our black lab stopped eating and has seen 2 vets. They are stumped. Full blood panels were normal, as are all organs. Vets are prescribing emergency blood transfusion, have ruled out poisoning or bacterial infection by ingestion of anything. We are stumped, and very worried. She eats now, with prednisone , but sluggish, any ideas???
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Has she been checked for Tick-borne diseases? Has she had a stool analysis test? (in case of parasites or IBD -type inflammation in the gut.)

Why have they recommended a blood transfusion? Could she be losing blood, maybe from an internal bleed? Or is it for some other reason?

Is her urine sample normal?

An abdominal ultrasound might help possibly.

I really hope the vets can find out what is going on, and she will improve somewhat, soon.
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