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Huge Tumor

     My dog is about 11 years old, and about 3 years ago my dad noticed a fatty tumor on his left shoulder. It didn't seem like a big deal, but then we noticed that it was growing. So we took our dog (his name is Lucky) in to see the vet. They said it was a benign tumor, but that it will most likely cause strain on his left shoulder and leg. We consulted them about surgery, and found we couldn't afford it. The veterinarians also said there was a possibility that the removal wouldn't be beneficial, as the recovery might leave him worse off. Now jump ahead 3 years, and Lucky is still going with his tumor. Lately however, he has been having trouble moving. He never seemed to be in pain, but now that the tumor weighs so much his arm is heavily burdened, and now its starting to really affect his joints. I want to make him as comfortable as possible, and want to know what I can do. Will this eventually kill him? I don't want to have him in pain. It's hard enough watching him get up (he can barely get up anymore) and I don't want him to possibly break his leg. What should I do?
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Is this a lypoma?  I would contact your local humane society and explain the situation and that your funding resources are very limited and do they have a recommendation for a veterinarian that has reduced fees.  Also, did you talk to your vet about reduced fees or are they pretty rigid when it comes to pricing?  Obviously no vet wants to see a dog in pain and it may be that at this juncture, they are willing to help your dog at a reduced fee.  
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