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I have a 4 mos old female cowdog/birddow. She gets totally out of control.

We started leaving her alone right away, so there would be no separation anxiety. However, my wife is like Ellie Mae Clampett. There are times when she is in control, other times she loses it. She is always herding my wife, nipping at her heels. She herds me, but does not nip my feet. When we leave the house she puts up a very loud howl and attacks the door. She quiets down very quickly. She does the same thing when ever she sees my wife, like coming to the car from a store, or entering the house. She also does this with my son in law, who is autistic. She is OK with us going into another room and shutting the door, or putting her in her crate and covering it with a sheet. Otherwise, she is uncontrollable. We can't reward her for being quiet, because it does not last long.
Smokey is a very smart dog and has learned to sit and toes/high five. She likes to take the opportunity to chew on my hand. She is also lazy at times. When it is time to go out, she lays on the floor and does not come. If I ignore her, then she comes over. When I try to hook up her leash, she tries to chew my hand, or she will just drop to the floor so I cannot hook her up. She loves to go outside and play in the snow. She was taught to ring a bell to go outside, however she does it even when she wants to go out and play.
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